How our software works

The Driving School Solutions application offers a complete Internet-based data management. Driving school owners, instructors, customer support staff, students, and parents can all access the application using the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We keep our software and each school's database on servers located behind a secure firewall in a data center. Learn more about our servers, security measures, and online payment processing features.

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List of our features and functionalities

Integrated Online Enrollment

Our software can enable your school to take student enrollments directly from your website. All information is saved into a database which prevents double entry of information.

Instructor and Student Availability: Conflict Proof

School manager/owner will be able to displayed availability of classroom schedules and assign instructors to a single location or multiple locations were students will be able to view schedules online and book and cancel classes according to their availability.

Student Information

Maintain accurate student information. Easily add or edit student information that is accessible to you whenever it is needed.

This feature enables you to search your specific database for students (both present and past). By entering names, account type, or other criteria, you can easily access students’ information.

Individual Staff Accounts

Create and manage individual accounts for office staff and instructors.

User Access Rights

User access rights lets you control which features staff may use. Office staff will have limited access to functions to sign up new students, edit old and current students, and view schedules. Mangers will have access to add and edit current instructors, add and edit schedules for instructors and locations. Instructors will have access only to their schedules with abilities to manage their schedules by adding or deleting hours and viewing their schedule.

Multi-Office Location

More than one location? No problem. Simply create new office locations as needed.

Information Access

Because our application is 100% Web-based, you and your staff have access to information from any computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instructors are able to login to their account and view their schedules, for the following day or week, or make changes in their availability.


Driving School Software can be fully customized. If you need features that are not part of our standard package, we can customize the software to meet your specific needs.

E-mail Notifications: To Instructor, Student and Parent

Automatic e-mail reminders are sent to instructors, students, and their parents to remind them of upcoming appointments, or when a new appointment is scheduled.

Security: Passwords, Encryption, Data Backup

In addition to our rigorous security practices, your data is protected through password-protected access and the latest 256 Bit TLS/SSL Encryption. Also, all user input is cleansed so malice users cannot access your data. As part of our service, we also perform daily backups of all data. Data can also be e-mailed to you and/or be made available for download.

Disaster Proof

Your data is safely saved and accessible, even if your office location experiences natural or man- made disasters. If your office is closed or damaged, your data is still safe and secure.

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Student accounts

Our driving school solutions application will enable students to register online 24/7 by creating an account with their information view schedules, book appointments, reschedule appointments and manage classes both classroom and driving on their own. Our application has all of the Ohio revised code regulations built in to give the owner of the school a peace of mind.

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